The Friends of the Barton Line is building an archive of books, timetables and other materials of relevance to the Barton - Cleethorpes railway.

A printed list of the collection, comprising some 108 titles plus other paraphernalia, is available upon request.  These items may be accessed by Members free of charge and by non-members for a small fee.

Some of the items available, in addition to the published material, are:

Two albums of photographs.

Seven albums of newspaper cuttings and other publicity.

Various copies of MS&LR station colour plans of 1885.

Various other railway maps, plans and papers.

Folder of 20 papers entitled Bridging the Humber.

The BBC Digital Story Friends of the Line on video tape and DVD.

A Cab Ride DVD of the Barton line made in the last days of British Rail.


Name Search Service

Upon request FBL will search its data banks for names of pre-WW1 railway employees on the Barton branch.  This service is free to members but non-members may also apply in return for a small donation.


Request for Timetables
We have the following gaps in our collection of pocket timetables (E44 / 31) for the Barton Line: Winter 1994-5, Summer 1994, Winter 1993-4, Summer 1993, Winter 1992-3, Summer 1992, Winter 1990-1, Winter 1986-7, Summer 1986, Winter 1985-6, Summer 1985, Summer 1984, Winter 1983-4, Summer 1983, Winter 1982-3, Summer 1982, and anything older than Winter 1981-2. A reward will be offered to anyone who can supply any of the above.