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From the 5th of September, Duo fares will be withdrawn from the Barton branch. In their place will be introduced cheap day returns, priced in the region of 15% below the current day returns which remain at their current level. These cheap day returns will carry the following restriction on weekdays on both the outward and return portion:

"Not valid on trains timed to  
depart after 04:29 and before
09:00    "

Break of journey is permitted on both portions.


Passengers who would previously pay the Duo fare may find it beneficial to acquire a Two Together Railcard, which provided both holders travel together gives a discount of 1/3 for an annual fee of £30. Two Together Railcard discounted tickets are not valid between 04:30 and 09:29. The railcard can be obtained from any staffed station on completion of a form and handing in of a passport photograph of each holder. Full details are available at: