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The TPE franchise agreement has been published by the DfT.

Relevant excerpts for our line are:

Replacement of Station Heating Units

By 31 October 2016 the Franchisee shall replace the heating units located at each of the following Stations as at the Start Date (the “Existing Heating Units”) with alternatives that will generate electricity savings of 32% when compared with the Existing Heating Units:



Renewable energy

20.1 By 1 October 2017 the Franchisee shall install a total of 1000m2 of solar photovoltaic (PV) equipment at five of the following Stations:

(a) Cleethorpes;

(b) Grimsby;


25.4 By no later than the Passenger Change Date in December 2017, the Franchisee shall procure:

(a) the completion of extensions to each platform at Habrough station so as to accommodate at least 6x23 metre vehicles at each such extended platform;


27.4 Route Strategy Studies

(a) In connection with the Franchisee’s obligations under paragraph 27.3, the Franchisee shall in the period between the Start Date and 30 June 2019 carry out no less than five route strategy studies. The relevant routes in relation to which the strategy studies shall be carried out shall be agreed with the Secretary of State after consultation with Network Rail but are expected to be (i) Manchester to the East Midlands, Sheffield and Cleethorpes (to be completed by 31 March 2017),


improve waiting facilities and replace furniture at each of the Stations located at Cleethorpes


incur operational expenditure of at least 46 (redacted sum) in aggregate in the refurbishment of redundant spaces at Grimsby Town,


94.Help Points

94.1 By no later than 30 April 2018, the Franchisee shall procure the replacement of every ‘Ascom Interactive’ Help Point at each Station with a new Help Point.

94.2 By no later than 30 April 2018, the Franchisee shall procure the installation of additional Help Points (of the same type and functionality as the replacement Help Points to be installed pursuant to paragraph 94.1):

(a) at each of Dewsbury, Grimsby, Manchester Airport and Stalybridge Stations, so as to provide a Help Point for use by customers on every platform at such Stations; and

(b) in the car parks at all Stations (excluding Stations at Barnetby and Manchester Airport).


105.2 Passenger Awareness Monitors

The Franchisee shall install Passenger Awareness Monitors:

(a) by no later than 30 April 2017, at each of the Stations located at Hull, Middlesbrough, Scarborough and Cleethorpes

For the purposes of this paragraph 105.2, “Passenger Awareness Monitors” are monitors positioned to provide a real-time view of CCTV coverage thereby making passenger aware of the existence of CCTV at Stations where such monitors are installed.


It is likely that I will have missed something, so please feel free to go through and have a look.