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Just been having a look at the new TPE timetable for May. Hopefully not missed anything major - looks like some small but welcome improvements.

Monday to Saturday

The 1226 Cleethorpes to Manchester Airport gains a Habrough call, filling a four hour gap westbound and giving a daytime frequency for Habrough of every two hours.

The 1926 Cleethorpes to Sheffield now runs through to Manchester Piccadilly, and the Saturday 2026 Cleethorpes to Sheffield now continues through to Manchester Airport, as on weekdays (so a two hour later last through service).

The 1955 Manchester Airport to Sheffield and 2134/2152 Sheffield to Cleethorpes become a through service, with Habrough now served on Saturdays as well as weekdays. The weekday 2047 Manchester Airport to Cleethorpes, now retimed to 2053, also runs on Saturdays too.

The Northern 0530 Doncaster-Cleethorpes is no longer shown in the TPE timetable.


Westbound the 0926 no longer calls at Cleethorpes (first westbound call is in the 1026), but the 1626 gains a call plugging a three hour gap.

Habrough eastbound calls increase from 1126, 1626, 1826, 2126 and 2226 to 1027, 1231, 1426, 1626, 2126, 2226 and 2328.

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There is a Sunday 1826 Habrough eastbound call as well

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And the Sunday 0926 no longer calls at Habrough, but does call at Cleethorpes (Sorry, didn't spot when posting and no edit function)