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FoBL received this today (re 1st train of the day ) overlooked consequence of this is that the first train of the day from Scunthorpe, Stallingborough, Great Coates,Healing Grimsby & Cleethorpes is going to be an hour later than now as there are no replacement options for the withdrawn 0530 from Doncaster 


That appears to be true!! 1st train from Great Coates is the 0734 as of 20th May

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It is sadly within Northern's franchise agreement to do this as the 06:58 from Barton once again runs through to Cleethorpes.


I do hope that the regular users manage to make alternative arrangements. There are at least a couple from Scunthorpe as I see them on the opposite platform waiting when using the first TPE out of Cleethorpes. The first train from Scunthorpe will be 2 hours later at 08:00 instead of 06:00.


The lack of advance publicity on this specific change is quite a poor show, it has to be said.