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Please note that until further notice, the 05:59 Cleethorpes - Barton and 06:58 Barton - Cleethorpes will be a replacement bus. This is due to a shortage of units caused by the delayed electification between Manchester and Preston via Bolton and sunsequent issues in clearing TPE class 185s to run the service. Northern and Network Rail are currently working to resolve these issues so hopefully the services will be running as trains again soon.

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The online Network Rail Sectional Appendix says Class 185's are cleared for Habrough-Ulceby-Barton.

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BCCRP have put the following out on their facebook page. 'Method of Work' is the issue apparently

"Northern are aware that passengers are frustrated by current disruption to this line regarding the first service of the day not running at the moment.  They are working closely with Network rail and Transpennine Express to resolve the matter as soon as possible. Problems have been caused across Northern’s rail network due to delays in some major infrastructure and electrification projects in other parts of the country.  This has delayed the release of the extra diesel units that Northern needed in order to run their new timetables and as such they have not currently got the spare stock for the early morning Cleethorpes – Barton service.  It is planned to use Transpennine Express 185 units  for this service soon when the Method of Work has been cleared."

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I understand that the first train should run using a 185 again from Monday morning. Please note however that heading towards Barton, neither this nor the last train will stop at Ulceby - I understand road transport will be provided. Also note that it seems likely that these two trains won't stop at New Clee.

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Some not happy commuters on the first train (Guard and a manager not chuffed either.) Annoyance at not being able to carry bikes as only centre unit being used........


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This was inevitable.  The first weekday train from Cleethorpes to Barton and back always has bikers both ways wanting to cycle home after work because of no convenient return train.

Paradoxically, some of 2-Way's replacement buses (they provided various models during the recent substitution) were able and willing to take bikes.


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Thanks for the information. This has provoked the even more concerning thought that wheelchairs will also be unable to be carried. Even if selective door opening could be brought into operation, there would still be an issue with at least one of the two groups as cycles and wheelchairs have their designated spaces at opposite ends of a class 185.


I shall contact Northern to see if anything can be done to mitigate this situation or preferably remedy it.

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Appologies for the delay, this is on my part and not Northern's. I have received the follow reply on this matter:

"Cycles can be carried in the vestibule but they do need to be booked on board as per TPE’s policy.


If wheelchairs cannot be conveyed then we will get an accessible taxi for the customers, this can be obtained through our contact centre in Sheffield."


It has also been clarified that booking cycles can be done on the TPE website.


Facebook FoBL, please could you pass these on to the disgruntled cyclists, assuming they used Facebook to contact. Likewise Anthony if you see the ones that you know.