I have received the following from TPE. The deadline for submission of ideas is before our next meeting, so I would welcome any ideas to be sent in to either myself or the secretary, or alternatively please do feel free to submit ideas to TPE in a personal capacity.


Dear Stakeholder,
Launch of the TransPennine Express Customer and Community Investment Fund:  £2.8 million of funding available for local projects
We are pleased to advise you that TransPennine Express has today launched its Customer and Community Improvement Fund (CCIF).  This fund builds upon the £500m already being invested into the franchise for new and refurbished trains, station development and additional services.
Over the next four years we will provide £2.8m to support schemes across our network and in the communities we serve to improve the experience for our customers.  Funding will be split into two phases, with £1.4m available for the first batch of schemes to be delivered between April 2019 and March 2021, and the remaining £1.4m available for projects taking place between 2021 and 2023.
CCIF provides the opportunity for Local Enterprise Partnerships, Local Authorities, local community groups, organisations and charities to propose schemes that address the wants and needs of customers, while also improving the links between the railway and the towns and cities it connects, enhances the station and on-board environment, and enables seamless and inclusive travel for all.  We are asking stakeholders, customers and community groups for potential ideas this funding could support.
There are four core areas that potential schemes can cover:
Staon Enhancements:  Improvements to a train staon that would benefit the local community and regular users of the railway On Board Experience:  Enhancements which provide an improved on-board experience, enabling a seamless and enjoyable journey across the network and beyond Access to the railway:  Improvements to links between the staon and the community, encouraging walking, cycling and travel to and from the staon by sustainable means Inclusion:  Enabling travel by groups who may feel unable to or lack confidence using train services as part of their day to day life, reducing social exclusion through improved accessibility and informaon about the help available
Schemes should be located at stations or in communities along the routes served by TransPennine Express. You can check out our route map here.  We are eager to receive a broad range of ideas but for clarity will be unable to progress projects that:  require ongoing funding commitments, have the potential to generate a commercial return or are requests for feasibility studies into potential new stations or services.
To help with any ideas that might be put forward we have put together a handy guide with more information about the Fund and to support an application.  This guide is attached to this e-mail.
All applications should be made on-line via the following link:  https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/TPECCIF2018 . Applications must be made by 2359 on Sunday 04 November 2018.  All applications will be reviewed by TransPennine Express and Rail North with an announcement made by April 2019 on which schemes will be funded.
We would also welcome the raising of awareness of this funding opportunity through any social media or communication channels you have.  If using Twitter it would be appreciated if you can include @TPExpressTrains in any message.  The following link to our website might also be of use for any messages: https://www.tpexpress.co.uk /about-us/community/customer-and-community-improvement-fund
If you would like to contact us to discuss your scheme, or for support completing your application, please let either myself, Lucja or Charlie know or email us at TPE.Community@FirstGroup.com .  We look forward to reading the schemes proposed.

Apologies for the lack of formatting. The message board didn't like me copying and pasting direct from my email.