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Briefly visited Barrow Haven Station a couple of weeks ago (29th June). Pleased to see the station in a reasonable condition. The cover on the BCCRP Display Board needs replacing however. The overgrown land behind the platform detracts from the station as well, but not sure if that is railway property or not?

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Some more pictures

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Some Signage PicturesBarrow_Haven_Station_National_Rail_Sign.JPGBarrow_Haven_Station_Northern_Rail_Sign_1.JPGBarrow_Haven_Station_Northern_Rail_Sign_2.JPG

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More PicturesBarrow_Haven_Station_Way_Out_Sign.JPG

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Final 3 Pictures

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Yes, we are painfully aware of the parlous condition of many of the map displays along the line.  They are the responsability of BCCRP and we are unfortunately experiencing much difficulty in having the CRP do anything about them.  It took several years to have the one at Barton interchange removed.  Now that our chairman is on the committee perhaps we can see some improvements soon.

As for the land behind the platform, it is the property of Network Rail up to the wire fence.  It was built up a few years ago to prevent the platform from slipping into the dissused clay pit behind.


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Thank you for posting this, Humber Transport.


As Anthony says, the map displays belong to the Community Railway Partnership. I have previously sent the CRP a photograph of the board at Barrow Haven as I believe it to be the worst along the line. The CRP have acknowledged that the design of the frames and the covers is poor. The plan is to replace all of the CRP posters along the line, along with the frames. There have been delays to this project, I am not sure of the current status. In the meantime, Northern have promised on several occasions to remove the existing boards, however as you will be aware, this has not yet been carried out. The board at Barton was, I understand, removed by the Town Council and not Northern.


I shall forward your comments on to the CRP and keep you updated as to any news of progress.

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Thank you for chasing the boards. If Northern are involved then hopefully the franchise transfer doesn't delay removal pending longer term replacement.

Not number 1 priority, but hopefully at some point Network Rail can arrange for the land behind the platform up to their fence to have a strimmer give it a 'haircut'.