The next Lions on the Line is on Friday 27th September. We will depart Barton at 17.55 and follow the usual route of The White Swan (pre-departure), Stalingborough Green Man, Ulceby Yarbrough Arms, Habrough Station Hotel then back to the White Swan.


Anyone wishing to eat at the White Swan beforehand please make your booking direct.


Times are as follows:

Barton 17:55

Stallingborough 18:28 - 19:19 (Green Man)

Ulceby 19:29 - 20:25 (Yarbrough Arms)

Habrough 20:30 - 21:29 (Station Hotel)

Barton 21:55


People from the Cleethorpes end of the line can either catch the 16:55 Barton train from Cleethorpes and either spend longer in the Green Man or double back further up the line, or catch the 17:26 TPE train from Cleethorpes and change at Habrough to reach Stallingborough. Ticket options will vary depending on which option is chosen. Trains from Habrough return at 21:26 (express) and 22:30.


From Barton, participants will required the following rail tickets:

Barton - Stallingborough cheap day return £6.90

Habrough - Ulceby cheap day return £2.20

Total £9.10

Usual railcard, child, PRIV and North Lincs concessionary discounts are available on the above fares.

If anybody from any other joining station on the line would like time and/or fare information, please do not hesitate to ask.


Any other queries, again please do not hesitate to ask.