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A member made a query to me about platform lengths on the Barton Line. As I have looked them all up, I thought I would post them on here in case anybody else finds them interesting. All lengths are in metres and represent the length of the platform available for use.

Barrow Haven 60.5m up, 46 m down
Barton 55m
Cleethorpes 174 (p1 170, p4 203), longer usable length for loco hauled trains.
Goxhill 83.6 both
Great Coates 55.4 down, 80 up
Grimsby Docks 97
Grimsby Town P1 135, P2 137.5 (136.2 in up direction), P3 138.5
Habrough 110 down, 115 up
Healing 56.3 both
New Clee 144.6
New Holland 43.4
Stallingborough 85.5 down, 86.5 up
Thornton Abbey 55
Ulceby 44.7


All lengths are taken from Network Rail's Sectional Appendix, which for the Eastern Region can be found at:


The member has subsequently asked why the platform at Barrow Haven has a different length in differing directions. I have answered that I suspect the reason Barrow Haven is shorter in the down direction is connected with visibility of the stop board for the level crossing - it will probably be required to be visible to the driver whilst stationary as a reminder to sound the horn before proceeding towards Barton. If any member is able to add meat to those bones, or indeed give a correct answer if I am wrong, then please do. I would be interested to learn more about this myself.