Beverley Beer & Cider festival takes place Friday 4th - Saturday 5th October 2019. For details, see:


Through 'Humberlink not Bus' tickets are available from Barton Line stations, these include train travel to Barton and from Hull to Beverley. Travel on the connecting Humberlink omnibus service is payable separately on the omnibus, the omnibus fare is in the order of £9.00. Cheap day return fares for the Humberlink not Bus tickets, which are valid after 08:59 on Friday and anytime on Saturday are:

Cleethorpes / New Clee £11.50

Grimsby Docks / Town £10.70

Great Coates £10.40

Healing £10.00

Stallingborough £9.90

Habrough £9.00

Ulceby £8.50

Thornton Abbey £7.60

Goxhill £7.00

New Holland £6.90

Barrow Haven £6.60

Usual railcard and child discounts are available.