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The May 2020 timetable change will take place on Sunday 17th May 2020.

From this date, summer Sunday Barton Line train services and will run up to and including Sunday 13th September 2020. Sunday trains will leave Cleethorpes at 09:58, 12:55, 14:59 and 17:57 and Barton at 11:05, 13:51, 16:15 and 19:11.


Monday - Saturday Barton Line times remain unchanged at the May timetable change.


Elsewhere in our area, Abeliio East Midlands Railway will be reintroducing their summer Sunday Lincoln services, running to the same dates as the Barton Line. These run as follows:

11:40 Newark North Gate - Cleethorpes

13:56 Cleethorpes - Nottingham via Newark North Gate

15:29 Nottingham - Cleethorpes

18:18 Cleethorpes - Newark North Gate

17:55 Newark North Gate - Cleethorpes

20:15 Cleethorpes - Newark North Gate

The 05:49 Mondays - Fridays Cleethorpes - Newark North Gate is retimed to 05:50 and runs one minute later throughout.


TPE will introduce new services as follows:

03:10 (Mondays - Saturdays) Manchester Piccadilly - Cleethorpes  (intermediate times vary depending on day of the week. Note this train does not stop at Stockport or Meadowhall).

23:01 (Sundays only) Cleethorpes - Manchester Piccadilly. Note this train does not stop at Meadowhall or Stockport

23:09 (Mondays - Fridays) Cleethorpes - Manchester Piccadilly (intermediate times vary depending on day of the week. Note this train does not stop at Meadowhall or Stockport).

The 06:53 (Mondays - Saturdays) Manchester Airport - Cleethorpes will leave Scuthorpe at 09:04 then run 2 minutes earlier than at present through to Cleethorpes.

The 17:27 (Sundays only) Cleethorpes - Manchester Airport will leave Cleethorpes at 17:28, running 1 minute later to Doncaster where it will arrive at 18:40. It will then leave Doncaster 1 minute earlier at 18:43, arriving Meadowhall 2 minutes earlier than present at 18:59, arriving Sheffield 1 minute earlier at 19:08 then running from there in its existing path.

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Good to see further improvements to early and late services by TPE