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The North East Lincolnshire Council pilot of the fixed timetable Phone n Ride service from Habrough to Immingham is set to end, with its future to be announced on Monday 5th October 2020. As loadings will be part of the decision, I would suggest as many people as possible use the service in order to keep it running. Those living in the borough may also wish to contact their local councillors with a view to retaining the service. Whilst the connections with rail services are poor, this is something that can be improved only if the service is retained. At present, this is the only scheduled omnibus service to service Habrough station. It would seem a shame after so much work has been done to get the hourly TPE calls at Habrough to lose the bus connection.



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NELC have now announced that from November the Monday service will be withdrawn and from Wednesday 4th November 2020 the Wednesday service will be retimed:


ravens Lane, Habrough 10.05   Pelham Rd (Near Roxton Practice) 12:00
Habrough Railway Station 10.10   Immingham Civic Centre 12:03
Pelham Rd (Near Margaret Street) 10.20   Pelham Rd (Near Margaret Street) 12:05
Immingham Civic Centre 10.22   Habrough Railway Station 12:15
Pelham Rd (Near Roxton Practice) 10.25   Cravens Lane, Habrough 12:20
Grimsby Bus Station 10.50