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I have had this through from the Brigg Line Group

The 1st of October will Mark 27 years since the withdrawal of the weekday passenger service on the Sheffield to Cleethorpes via the Brigg Line, which services call at places like Worksop, Retford, Gainsborough, Kirton in Lindsey & Brigg.

Since the 1st of October 1993 the line has only received a Saturday only service.

In 2012 the then Friends of the Brigg Line Rail Group (Now The Independent Brigg Line Rail Group) & The Gainsborough Rail and Bus Group did extensive promotions to get potential customers to use the one day a week train service to visit places like Brigg, Grimsby and Cleethorpes.

This lead to a 35 to 40% increase in passenger numbers before sadly a decline due to unfortunate circumstances including Covid.

Online promotions have started again through the IBLRG with Brigg being the main target in cooperation with the Brigg Town Business Partnership & local journalist Nigel Fisher, who has kindly spent time designing an online tourist guide for visitors coming to Brigg by train.

The Independent Brigg Line Rail Group has support of many in the railway industry of the idea of a Cleethorpes to Worksop shuttle service to solve the unacceptable service level of the line has a present.

# picture thanks to Philip Hewson, taken at Brigg shortly before the withdrawal of the weekday passenger service.

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