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Please see below for the proposed itinerary for the FoBL excursion to Beverley on Saturday 9th October 2021:


Cleethorpes 08:54

New Clee 08:58

Barton 09:46 - 10:03 (EYMS 350 bus)

Hull 10:35 - 11:00 (Bridlington service, booked off platform 4)

Beverley 11:14


Beverley 16:30 (service for York)

Hull 16:45 - 17:00 (Stagecoach service 250 omnibus - note services to Barton now depart from stand 10).

Barton 17:32 - 17:55

New Clee 18:44

Cleethorpes 18:49


Participents will require the following tickets:

Cleethorpes / New Clee- Beverley, route Humberlink not Bus, cheap day return £12.10

Barton - Hull pay on the bus, this is in the order of £9.00


Those joining at Barton will just need the bus ticket for £9.00 and a cheap day return from Hull to Beverley for £7.60. However, in order to promote use of the Humberlink tickets, it would be appreciated if members spent an extra 10p on a cheap day return from Barrow Haven to Beverley.