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Northern have now published the new December 2019 timetable. I have linked a pdf copy below. There appear to be minor changes at most, I will complete a full summary in due course. Pleasingly, all connecting bus times now appear to be correct in the timetable.


On the other routes, all TPE services with the exception of the 17:53 (17:56 on Sundays) Manchester Airport - Cleethorpes will be stopping at Habrough from Sunday 15th December. There will also be new TPE services as follows:

05:21 Sheffield Midland - Cleethorpes (Sundays excepted)

21:26 Cleethorpes - Sheffield Midland (Saturdays & Sundays excepted)

Note that these additional services do not stop at Meadowhall as they run via Woodburn Jn for route knowledge retention purposes.

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The extra Habrough stops are welcome. Hopefully they will be promoted around Habrough/Immingham/Killingholme


On the subject of bus connections in the Barton Line timetable, ideally the following should also be included:

The 0743 bus from Barton to Hull, at least on a SO basis - the connection shown is the SX 0728 bus, but no SO connection is shown at all, whereas one does exist with a long wait

The 1952 bus from Barton to Hull, at least on a SO basis - on a Saturday the rail arrival in Barton is at 1947 so gives a five minute connection time, unlike the one minute Mon-Fri

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Both of the mentioned buses are included  a Saturdays only basis in the electronic data used for journey planners and the like.

07:43 bus

19:52 bus


I suspect that my suggestion to include them was made too late to be included in the pdf and paper versions of the timetables. Hopefully this will be rectified in time for May.


I agree with the promotion of the Habrough calls and understand that the CRP are looking at doing something. I shall keep you updated if I hear anything more on this.


Ideally, I personally would like to see an omnibus connection from Killingholme and Immingham to Habrough for the longer distance trains, perhaps as an hourly extension to the 5. I understand that this is unlikely, however a diversion to the 450 to serve Habrough railway station is being considered. I would be interested to hear others' views on this.

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Good those buses are at least in the electronic data. As you say hopefully in May they will make it to the pdf/paper timetable.

Given the limited timetable, a diversion of the 450 to Habrough Station will be off little use for rail connections, unless used in combination with CallConnect (if that serves Habrough?)/the NE Lincs alternative (the name escapes me right now). However for Habrough residents wanting to travel into Immingham for shopping it maybe useful.

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I agree that a division of the 450 will be of limited use for rail connections, however it is better than nothing I suppose. The NE Lincs demand response service is indeed a viable alternative, thanks for the suggestion. 

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Concerning rerouting the 450 omnibus service, in order to serve Habrough the route would have to omit Killingholme.  That would not be advantageous as Killingham - Immingham is the busiest part of the route.

I make a point of travelling on the 450 service from time to time and, unfortunately, there is next to no patronage from the villages of Thornton Curtis, Wootton and Ulceby, neither is there from the Wold villages (South Ferriby - Wrawby) except for the school runs.  It doesn't help that a Tesco courtessy bus provides free competing transport at certain times.  I would have thought that, rather than pay for their own 'bus, Tesco could reimburse customers who can show a valid ticket on the 450 route.


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The 450 should be able to serve Habrough easily enough without having to omit South Killingholme, divert at Habrough Church down to the station then double back on itself to Habrough Church.

If the time penalty caused issues, then the practice of serving Barton Market Place twice on each journey could be dropped.

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I understand that is indeed the proposed routeing.

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The new TPE timetables have now been published:

South TPE

North TPE

North WCML

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Detailed changes to the Barton Line timetable:

Saturdays Only 06:59 Cleethorpes - Barton now leaves Cleethorpes at 06:58, running 1 minute earlier as far as Grimsby Town then continuing in the existing times from Great Coates onwards

Saturdays excepted 07:00 Cleethorpes - Barton now leaves Cleethorpes at 06:58, running 2 minutes earlier as far as Stallingborough, then continuing in the existing times from Habrough onwards

Saturdays excepted 19:00 Cleethorpes - Barton now leaves Habrough a minute later at 19:26, Ulceby and Thornton Abbey as now, then a minute later to Barrow Haven, terminating Barton at 19:51 as now.


There are no changes towards Cleethorpes, however the one minutes timing differences at Goxhill and Stallingborough between Saturdays and weekdays on the 22:02 Cleethorpes - Barton are now dealt with by a footnote rather than the trains having separate Saturdays excepted and Saturdays only schedules.

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The Abellio East Midlands Railway timetable for our area has been published, see:

Mondays - Saturdays see no significant changes, however pleasingly the Sunday Cleethorpes - Newark / Nottingham services now become year route. This was part of the new Abellio franchise agreement, however I had not expected to see this so soon.

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Please ignore the last message. It seems I was directed to the wrong timetable. EMR timetable remains as is.