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As of the December timetable change, the majority of TPE trains are scheduled to be formed of six coaches, although even now a number are short formed due to the delayed introduction of new trains to the north and Scottish routes. 


Due to operational restrictions at Habrough, Rotherham Central and Dore, six coach trains calling at these stations must have a second guard on board. Therefore, on westbound six coach trains from Cleethorpes, tgt rear three coaches will be locked out of use as far as Doncaster. Therefore passengers from northern Lincolnshire must travel in the front three coaches.


On eastbound trains, the rear three coaches will be locked out of use at Scunthorpe. Therefore passengers for Barnetby, Habrough, Grimsby Town and Cleethorpes should travel in the front three coaches.


These restrictions will apply until the automatic selective door opening system is introduced.


Additionally, due to a lack of platform capacity at Manchester Airport, the majority of trains will split at Piccadilly, with only the rear three coaches continuing to the Airport. This has the unfortunate side effect that passengers from northern Lincolnshire traveling to Manchester Airport on the six coach trains should change carriages at Manchester Piccadilly.

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I understand that the Automatic Selective Door Opening equipment has now been successfully introduced. However, please note that due to short platforms, passengers for many intermediate stations will need to travel towards the front of the train. I have asked TPE for further details on this and will provide these in due course.

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TPE have provided the following information for our stations east of Doncaster. When travelling to these stations with short platforms, please note you will alight from the train as follows:

Scunthorpe – Front 5 coaches

Barnetby – Front 4 Coaches

Habrough –  Front 4 Coaches

Grimsby Town – Front 5 Coaches


Note also, not listed here that Althorpe (Humber), Crowle, Thorne South, Stainforth & Hatfield, Kirk Sandall, Conisbrough, Mexborough, Swinton, Rotherham Central, Meadowhall and Dore have short platforms, so if travelling on a 6 car TPE train to these stations please listed to the announce and look at the big passenger information screen in the saloon. Also, remember many trains are scheduled to divide at Manchester Piccadilly, on these passengers travelling through to Manchester Airport will need to be in the rear 3 coaches.


On all Barton Line class 185 trains, the method of work remains the same, with only the middle coach available for passenger use.