Posted by TomIrvin on

May I suggest the following itinerary for the Brodsworth Hall trip:

Barton 07:45

Habrough 08:14 - 08:44

Doncaster 09:38

Doncaster Frenchgate Interchange 10:42 (R&S Waterson bus 203)

Brodsworth 11:07 - 15:08

Doncaster 15:38

Doncaster 17:37

Habrough 18:28 - 19:22

Barton 19:48


2: Re: Brodsworth Hall Trip (response to 1)
Posted by Anthony Berridge on

Any chance of leaving an hour later, Tom?

3: Re: Brodsworth Hall Trip (response to 2)
Posted by TomIrvin on

Not really. Going out, the next Barton Line train would be at 09:50, which would have us getting to Brodsworth quite late.


The other issue is that the 203 bus runs every 2.5 hours, so it would be difficult to tweek the return time. I did look at returning via Goldthorpe or Wombwell, but neither provided a satisfactory itinterary.